Brian West – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Thanks to Eric Gage from CHCH News and Colleen Rusholme from Fresh FM mornings for nominating me to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – I accept!

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  My wife’s uncle has been battling the disease for close to 10 years now.  We also lost a colleague in the radio industry named Glenn Williams to ALS back in 2010.   It’s a brutal disease!  This challenge has been a great way to bring attention to it, to raise money for it’s research, and to hopefully one day find a cure!  To learn more about ALS CLICK HERE.

If you would like to donate to the Ice Bucket Challenge, and for more information about it – CLICK HERE

I nominate Peter Dyakowski & Mike Filer of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the guys in Monster Truck to do it next!
(I also nominated and accepted on my boss Jim’s behalf.  He just doesn’t know it yet.  We’re gonna get him when he least expects it… stayed tuned for that)


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Oh… and if you’re going to TRY the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Just be careful!  Click HERE to check out some Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS.

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