If there’s one thing Y108 knows, it’s what you want for Christmas.  We know you don’t want a new tie.  We know you don’t want a gift card for the bingo hall.  You want cool stuff!  Like electronics and trips to places that serve drinks with umbrellas in them!

Listen weekdays for your unique Christmas Codeword, at 7:30 am, 1:00 pm, 5:30p, and 8:30p.  That’s right! You have 4 chances to qualify each day.

The Y10- 8 Days before Christmas, Ben and Shawna will call our lucky qualifiers, and you could select a gift under the Y108 Christmas Tree.

Under the tree will be trips for 2 from and Transat, and electronics from East Hamilton Radio. Make sure you’re by the phone on Dec 13th-15th & 18th – 22nd at 8:20 am and you could select a gift that contains: